Capstone Teams - Spring 2017

​HSS Stream

Project Manager: Sheryl Carlson

Team Members: Pooja Patel, Dante Urso, Gustavo Palomino, John Sousa, Christopher De Leon
A group of services that enable co-viewing of an HLS stream / video.  Users can vote and alter the clips that show up in the video, but a group of users can take turns adding to the “playlist” of upcoming videos. The website or mobile application would include a list of channels that users can join by topics, say “political jokes”, “skateboarding”, or “music videos”.  In that chat room, the interface would be a shared video playing with a small number of users taking turns with the “remote control”.  All users in the same chat room are co-viewing the same video stream which is synchronized as best as possible.  Users can comment in real-time as things happen in the video.

Capacity Planning of Computer Systems

Project Manager: Esin Kaya

Team Members: Anthony Capunay, Yoonsuk Chang, Markose Kannamkuzhiyil, Kalpa Tendolkar, Jaga Tranvo
The goal of the project is to use Azure machine learning to choose a set of models that will accurately predict the resource usage and response time values for a set of transaction types for an application that has very high workload volumes and executes on a large number of servers.

Phishing Solution Application Development Project

Project Manager: Michal Jurewicz

Team Members: Michal Jurewicz, Ryan Alexander, Dakota Buell, Evan Hall, John Wegele
This is a team related project that is focused on helping solidify the ongoing launch and further enhancements of our cyber security application PhishTrain. By focusing on identifying and training human vulnerabilities, PhishTrain helps to create a culture of security within our client's environment. No longer is security only achievable on a specific secured device. Now you can be reassured that your employees possess the knowledge to identify and avoid malicious phishing attacks.

Parking app

Project Manager: Vinny Frigatti

Team Members:  Vinny Frigatti, Christopher Magesty, Jasper Wavey, James Restrepo, Chad Charles
Parking in most parts of the US is not a problem. In Manhattan hourly spots can go for $20-60 and monthly spots from $450- >$1000. This project will aim to drastically reduce the price of parking in the city by creating a disruptive parking paradigm that allows parkers to profit off their spots. Students will work with me to develop the idea, app and implementation.

Sunmint Solar
Bucket List Project Mgmt Systems

Project Manager: Joseph Choi

Team Members: Dhruv Shah, Joseph Choi, Sabine Zida, Andres Arango, Arthur
We are a Solar and Sustainability Developer, our aim with this project is to build a web-based system that manages our install, sales and back office process in one integrated system.  We are currently using Google forms, Excel and Web app to accomplish these task, now we need an integrated system.

Calamu Cloud
Secure Storage in a Cloud Environment

Project Manager: Joe Amato

Team Members: Max Alekhnovich, Christian Granier, Alex Rosen, Kyle Van Kirk
Our project was to build a mobile and tablet application to teach adults to read better. This application will be entered for the X-Prize in Adult Literacy Learning

Optimal Solutions Inc.
Andriod App for Rapid material identification using hand-held IR sensors

Project Manager: William Ruy

Team Members: William Ruys, Surfield Thomas Jr., Christian Basile, Andrew Wang, Joseph Biviano​
Process industries have a pressing need to assess the state of materials at each stage in their supply chains – starting with raw materials at a vendor location and ending with the finished goods at customer sites. Such assessments entail the measurement of material properties like chemical composition and physical properties. Today’s assessments (done in expensive analytical laboratories) are largely based on cumbersome, intermittent manual sampling, which is expensive, time consuming, and error-prone. This project addresses DOE’s interest in turn-key solutions advancing the use of HPC in manufacturing supply chains. Our innovative idea is to use ML (machine learning) algorithms running on HPC servers to process spectra signals gathered from handheld infrared sensors for rapid and frequent material identification/estimation in supply chains. Our overall objective is to bring to market a cutting-edge, material identification application which produces accurate near real-time reading.

MC Innovative EdTech Solutions LLC
Ivy Bound Test Prep App - Marketing, Coding, Investor Relations

Project Manager: Paris Nwanna

Team Members: Paris Nwanna, Ibrahim Canbolat, Nikhil Gandhi, Sophia Glaspie, Dhruv Patel
We have a new EdTech Business with our first product an Ivy Bound App for ACT Test Prep. This product will cost about $3 in the iOS and Android stores, and will help people get scholarships. It will have prizes in the app. It is about 80% complete and needs some updating with PhoneGap, perhaps from the students. We also need much assistance with sales and marketing, and seeking investors with our new business plan. We may do some PR and press as well as online media and networking. Anything the students want to do can be beneficial to us in these or other relevant area. We can be flexible as to what the students work on since we can hire some consultants to do some of the tasks also.

Metropolitan Baptist Church
Smart Church App

Project Manager: Alpit Shah

Team Members: Thomas Daniels, Christopher Magesty, Luke Mahadeo, Elorm Dunyoh, Vidyani Subadheran
The first part of our smart church initiative, we have decided upon a custom church app with common standards and special inclusions geared to young people and young adults.

GiftingNetwork LLC
Migrating and Redevelopment of legacy platform

Project Manager: Tim Suchodolski    

Team Members: Walter Diaz, Nate Phan, David Joshua Reyes, Tim Suchodolski, Elad Bergin
We have a legacy platform, used by community foundations, that provides workflow management for nonprofit organizations. The platform needs a plan and execution to be migrated from our owned servers to AWS, while adding fresh security protocols. We then need to plan redevelopment, including modularization and addition of multi tenancy into a modern framework. This portion of the project will lead to development as employment for students.

Case Medical Inc
Case Medical RFID

Project ​Manager: Sach Gupta

Team Members: Sach Gupta, Gustavo Mendoza, Ben Osborne
Team to evaluate and enhance our current RFID medical asset scanning / tracking software.  The intent of this software is to track, record and provide reporting on assets within a medical facility. This technical team quickly evaluates our current solution and provides alternatives to ensure system performances metrics are met. The current RFID system developed in-house by Case Medical technical, Case Medical project stakeholders and previous NJIT students. This project provides opportunities for the new development team to enhance the current architecture and to implement new business functionality.  Higher level needs to involve automating existing manual “behind the scenes” technical tasks, provide solutions to optimize the existing application architecture, evaluate and provide recommendations regarding existing RFID scanning hardware on the market today and surface to an enhanced UI dashboard in a timely manner scanned RFID tag and asset location information to the end-user.

RDE Systems
Secure Online File Uploader

Project Manager: Sidney Carr    

Team Members: Sidney Carr, Omayemi Agbeyegbe, Aurel Onuzi, Rondald Pastori, Arnaldo Sanchez
Creative brainstorming, designing and implementing a user-friendly, secure and functional web application that will allow users to securely transfer files over the internet and later be downloaded by another party while minimizing the risk of unauthorized users obtaining access. Design Principles: - The application must be easy to use, mobile friendly and secure. -Access to the file uploader is only allowed to individuals that have been granted Access-Files can only be downloaded by individuals that have been granted access.

HR talent Recruitment

Project Manager: Peter Germa

Team Members: Lucus Null, Megha Bhatt, Mder Chowdhury, Felipe Davilla, Adrian Martinez
GEOcruiter is a new recruiting concept that literally, "Puts talent on the map." Focused on creating an engaging platform that connects the retail/hospitality industries with a pool of qualified candidates, while giving jobseekers and educators the tools to help recommend job profiles that match to individual strengths. With over ten years of experience in retail recruiting for companies including Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co. GUESS, Aeropostale Inc. A solution for field teams is needed. GEOcruiter fits the build with store/field hiring managers in mind!

Stop & STAIR
Stop & STAIR - Making stairs personal

Project Manager: Matthew Maravill

Team Members:  Raymond Kowalski, Lucas Noll, Brian Stanton
Stop & STAIR makes going up personal! It works like this: Measure your stairs by snapping a pic on your phone with a credit/id card against the riser. The app theoretically measures the height and width of riser and amount of stairs. Customer Selects art, whether it be a stock library of images/paintings or upload your own photo onto the stop & STAIR platform. (Partner with local artist so if a customer chooses their art they can get a % of the sale.) Sign up for subscription packages to select art images come every x month based on season, color, artist, personal taste, etc. After you have selected your art Stop & STAIR will adjust art to fit measurements and create a print ready file send to printer. Printer receives file along with shipping label, prints and ships kit to home. Once received watch a video on how to apply your new Picasso work of art. Snap and share your creation with the world with easy social media tie ins.

Organizing a Computer Graphics Tournament

Project Manager: Peter Germa

Team Members: Ryan Campanella, Kelliny Nasr-Kyrillos, David O'Grady, Shobitan Oladjide​
The Wealth from Health® program, utilizes nurses and non-clinical navigators to support, advocate for, and motivate chronically ill patients using an innovative points-driven financial rewards system. The voluntary program enrolls adults and children who have been diagnosed with one or more chronic disease who require outpatient care. To continue the goal of helping to manage and improve the health of the community, it is necessary to create and provide a new portal of access for patients; which we believe can be done by creating a mobile application. The goal for the application is to have one application with the power to replace the combination of several applications that are currently on the market. This can be completed by incorporating: Education center and activity center (with capability for rewards) while being secured.

    RDE Systems    
   Implementing a segregated Cisco DMZ network for a live infrastructure

Project Manager: John Sousa    

Team Members:  Jesus Amedo Florian, Mike Chica, Brian Woodard, John Sousa    
RDE Systems came to NJIT with the need to implement a segregated Cisco DMZ network for a live infrastructure.Our team was presented with the task of creating a tangible RDE production environment completely separate from the main network. Provided with the proper hardware (Cisco ASA 5505 firewall, Cisco SG-500 switch, Dell T410 server, and appropriate software) the goal is to create a secure network that has VPN access, segregated department vLANs, a web-server, and a secure database that can communicate with the web-server.    

Entrepreneurial Projects


Project Manager:   Pious Kukreja

Power Leak will be a 2D platformer.  Unlike most games, where the player starts out weak and becomes powerful, the player will start off with a wider range of abilities and gradually lose them due to an illness.  Searching for a cure, the player must race against a time limit before their character passes away.  
There will be multiple procedurally generated dungeons for the player to explore in any order that they want.  Each dungeon will contain an item that could help the player overcome the handicaps from their illness (for example, a jetpack to overcome loss of ability to jump).  These dungeons will also bring the player closer to finding the cure.  

The game will have multiple paths depending on which dungeons the player decides to go through and what abilities they have found.  This will encourage multiple play-throughs as the player learns more about the game and the most efficient way to the goal.


Project Manager:     Brett Aiken
Troop Master is a 2D Real-time Strategy game that is being developed using the Unity Engine. The game has a playable prototype with graphics and plenty of assets already available to us. Our team will create rapid prototypes based on user feedback to improve areas of the game including: user experience, user interface, procedural generation, entity AI, pathfinding algorithms, and quality of life. We will be working to create a Steam Greenlight page in pursuit of publishing the game on to the Steam platform. Team members will help to campaign on behalf of the game through various media. The project, if published, would help to boost the national ranking in Game Development for NJIT.


Project Manager:      John Moreira

An Online IDE designed with collaboration, real-time code editing, and Git/GitHub integration. Online IDE's today are often seen in a negative light because of the fact that they lack many of the features that make IDE's useful. Aside from lacking features, free online IDEs today also do not offer many tools which encourage collaboration between users, such as project sharing systems. We will create a complete online IDE with Git/GitHub integration, a chat system, real-time code sharing between users (in the style of a Google Doc), a sleek front-end, and support for multiple programming languages.
Though some online IDEs currently exist which provide collaboration between users and Git/GitHub integration, none of these products are currently offered for free because of their cloud-based design. Our solution to this problem is to provide users with a Node.js server application which can easily be deployed on the computer of a team leader, and can be connected to by their team members through our browser-based front-end. By bundling the back-end of our project as a small application rather than having to purchase dedicated servers, we can avoid the costs associated with the cloud-based approach, and provide our online IDE free of charge.


Project Manager:       Mikhail Zharov

Action Shooter will be a first person 3D action game that will utilize a high level of player mobility and motion types which will culminate in effective traversal of a futuristic urban environment. Player movement will involve crouching, sliding, wall-running, grappling hook mechanics, flips, rolls and double jumps. Gunplay will alternate with martial arts moves and melee combat with an emphasis on hazard avoidance. Modular Equipment, possible skill trees and enemy and weapon variety will entice players to this crazy-mad theme park world. Ideally there will be various modes of play, including a story mode, an online multi-player mode, both of which might involve principles of cooperative play as a potential option.